Acondicionador vitalizante G5L

Revitalizing conditioner

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Product Description

Net Contents: 5L / 1L / 500 ml.

The new PSH Revitalizing Conditioner allows your pet’s dry, damaged and weakened hair to recuperate its texture, softness and natural shine. It enhances and intensifies its natural color, facilitates brushing and prevents tangles and mats for days.

It is specially recommended for dogs with long, medium or dense hair (with thick undercoats). It eliminates odors associated with their coats. It provides your pets hair with a fine, protective coat, increasing its volume and giving it a healthy, vigorous aspect.

Its acidic pH (5.5), high concentration and the quality of its conditioning components, its specific active elements and its emulsifiers make this conditioner the perfect tool for the grooming and conditioning of your pet’s hair. Its soft, hypoallergenic herbal perfume eliminates bad odors, giving your pet’s coat a pleasant scent.


Apply after bathing on damp hair. Distribute the revitalizing conditioner evenly over the dog’s coat, in the direction of hair growth and massage lightly. Leave in for 2-4 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

It can be diluted as follows: 1 part conditioner to 2 parts water to facilitate penetration in breeds with undercoat.

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