Psh + Shine Repellent For Dogs And Cats

Product Description

PSH launches a new effective insect repellent NON-TOXIC and 100% natural.
It is suitable for use in both dogs and CATS. NO is harmful if swallowed, so use in cats, puppies, and sick animals is possible, without any adverse side effects.
It is formulated with the most natural and effective insect repellent oil: oil ANDIROBA. Used for centuries by the Amazon Indians with excellent results.
Repels or eliminates the common external parasites in summer times. Prevents flea bites, ticks, mosquitoes and other insects.
It incorporates a rinse agent so the pet hair will also get a bright, glossy and natural looking.
NO OIL or affect the natural appearance of the mantle, being 100% compatible with any other product for the specific PSH range depending on which race.
It comes in two formats:
-250ml bottle. Spray. Format particular.
It is applied directly to the skin and hair of the animal, with special emphasis on the most remote and hidden areas (armpits, inside the ears, etc). Leave to dry.
For prolonged effectiveness, especially in the warmer months, an application for each PSH REPELLENT + SHINE 48/72 hours recommended.

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Fr. 250 ML -, Fr. 750 ML @en


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