Intensive dermatological Cream-Balsam

Product Description

The PSH ANIMAL CARE intensive dermatological Cream-Balsam serves as a 100% natural and intensive treatment of the skin of animals exposed to bacterial infections caused by insect bites, animal bites, skin lesions, seasonal allergies, acne, etc. It also serves to accelerate the healing of injuries and surgical wounds, eliminating bad odors of bacterial origin. Due to its creamy texture, it is used in treating small and specific infected areas. The high concentration of MicroSilver BG obtains long-lasting therapeutic results.


Spread gently and evenly over area to be treated, being careful to cover the entire surface. Do not rub. Let product absorb into skin naturally. Repeat the process approximately every 12 hours until the skin is healthy with no signs of infection. NOT HARMFUL IF ACCIDENTLY SWALLOWED.


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